Quick actions of County Limerick firefighters prevent house from being engulfed

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Firefighters have preventing a fire from destroying a home in County Limerick

Firefighters have preventing a fire from destroying a home in County Limerick

FIREFIGHTERS have preventing a fire from destroying a home in County Limerick.

The emergency call came in around 1.45pm on Sunday afternoon. Incredibly, within just 10 minutes, two units from Cappamore were at the scene of the house fire in Barna, Pallasgreen.

John Mulready, Cappamore fire station chief, said when firefighters arrived they found that the main fuse board had ignited.

“It was in an extension on to the house, like a scullery. The room was filled with smoke. The family were outside on arrival.

“The lads put on breathing apparatuses, went in, extinguished the fire using dry powder extinguishers and prevented it from spreading. They knocked off the mains until the electricity was made safe,” explained Mr Mulready.

Their quick actions meant the rest of the house was saved. After the fire was put out the fire service personnel ensured the building was safe.

As well as making sure it wouldn’t reignite, Mr Mulready said they ensured nobody was going to be electrocuted by live wires hanging down.

They were at the scene for just under an hour. However, it isn’t just a matter of “job done” then. 

“When crews return to the station you don’t just pack up the appliances, you have to get them ready for another call. The breathing apparatuses would have to be serviced, everything checked and refilled,” said Mr Mulready.