Judge says man who crashed on frosty day in Limerick is 'on thin ice'

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Judge Marie Keane fined the defendant €350

Judge Marie Keane fined the defendant €350

A JUDGE warned a motorist who crashed in frosty conditions he was “literally skating on thin ice”.

Darius Janawski, aged 32, of The Meadows, Murroe was accused of dangerous driving but a plea to the lesser charge of careless driving was accepted.

Garda John Ryan said on the morning of February 5, 2017, he was driving to work in his own car.

“It was very frosty. It was the Newport to Murroe Road. A car coming in the opposite direction was travelling too fast in the icy conditions.

“The car started skidding over and back on the road. It slid past me and slid into the car behind me. It eventually came to a stop. He denied travelling too fast,” said Garda Ryan.

Kilmallock Court heard that there was a lot of damage to Janawski’s car as it hit a ditch.

“There was slight damage to the other car. There were no injuries,” said Garda Ryan, who added that the defendant has a previous conviction for no insurance and a hit and run.

Brendan Gill, solicitor for Janawski, said damages were paid out from his client’s insurance and the only person at a loss was him.

“His own vehicle was written off. He works in a German supermarket in Castletroy as a deputy store manager. He worked his way up. He has been there for nine years.

“His licence is very important to him as he works shift work. Murroe is eight miles from Castletroy. He has met the charge fairly and accepts his driving wasn’t what it should have been on the day,” said Mr Gill.

Judge Marie Keane said Janawski has a very poor attitude to traffic laws.

“He has a previous for hit and run and no insurance,” said Judge Keane.

Mr Gill said: “Hopefully all in the past.”

Judge Keane said she would “very reluctantly” use her discretion not to disqualify Janawski due to his “appalling record”.

She fined him €350 and told him he was “literally skating on thin ice”.