Young horse had to be euthanised after being abandoned in Limerick

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh


Young horse had to be euthanised after being abandoned in Limerick

Young colt seen in Rhebogue

A YOUNG horse had to be euthanised after it struggled for two days, tied to a tree in the city outskirts. 

In a post shared on social media, and shared by Limerick Animal Welfare (Law), gardai and a vet were called to the scene of an abandoned horse in Rhebogue recently.

The post, shared by Ireland’s Cruelty to Animals Exposed Facebook page, stated that the incident was reported to Law on its 24-hour emergency line. 

“Law sent two staff to check and ring for Garda and Veterinary assistance. The vet examined the young pony and made the call to euthanise the animal on humane grounds,” it said. 

This little bay colt died as a result of a blue rope tied around its neck. Tied to a tree sapling the rope got entangled in its branches and slowly shortening, it squeezed his neck tighter with each movement until he collapsed to the ground gasping for air, once down he struggled to get up but blue rope didn't allow him.

“Two days he struggled, thrashing about but blue rope held him tight. No owner came to check and he struggled and fought for 48 hours. He was still breathing when LAW arrived at the scene. They removed that blue rope repositioned him comforted him while waiting for the vet.”

It added that the horse “suffered unimaginable distress due to being tied with rope and no daily checks for his safety and welfare”.