'He'll be forever in our hearts': Tribute to Limerick man Adrian Wade of Gallagher's restaurant

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan



‘Loved life’: Adrian Wade

‘Loved life’: Adrian Wade

THE LATE Adrian Wade should have turned 34 at the end of January but tragically it was his month’s mind that was marked.

The Cappamore man passed away unexpectedly just before Christmas. Adrian’s shocking death has left his family, friends, work colleagues and customers in JP Clarke’s and Gallagher’s of Bunratty distraught.

Adrian, from Lackabeg, Cappamore, was laid to rest in Doon cemetery on Christmas Eve. Large crowds paid their respects at the removal and Mass, said Fr Dick Browne.

In his homily, the parish priest spoke of the time the Brennan brothers brought a couple to Gallagher’s to see how things should be done. There can be no higher praise for Adrian, assistant manager, and all the staff.

Starting as a senior waiter he progressed through the ranks to a senior position. Twelve years - more than a third of his life - was spent working in Bunratty.

The job meant so much to Adrian that the Wade family asked Barry Tierney, general manager of JP Clarke’s and Gallagher’s, to give a eulogy at the funeral Mass.

Barry said he was honoured that he was asked to speak but it was one of the “hardest things” he ever had to prepare for.

He said that on paper he was the boss but “everyone knew Adrian was the real boss”.

“Some people work in this industry for years, can almost go about their daily jobs and not be noticed or known to the customers but from the moment Adrian started with us he was popular with everyone he encountered.

“Adrian was the face of JP Clarke’s and Gallagher’s. The restaurant could be packed, absolutely packed and he would still have time to have a few chats with the regulars and then be gone.

“He was just so efficient - the whole thing ran so well. Adrian made it look so easy. He had a great talent for making people feel at ease. That’s why he was so loved by all the customers and all the staff. He was just so good, he spotted everything and was very thoughtful,” said Barry.

Adrian packed more into his 33 years than most do in a lifetime. Barry joked that if he ever gave Adrian more than two days off he was on a flight to some place in Europe.

“He lived live to the full. He was always travelling, always on the go, he loved going out for meals. He loved life. Everything he loved, he loved 100%.”

That certainly rings true for his large family. Adrian is sadly missed by his loving parents Theresa and Nicholas, brothers Kevin, Eddie, Paddy, Damien and Nicky, sisters Linda, Mandy, Mary and Sandra and relatives.

“Every second word that came out of his mouth was ‘mam this’ or ‘mam that’. His love for his mother and his family was very obvious to everyone who knew Adrian,” Barry said.

“In particular, he enjoyed the time he spent with his mam arranging flowers for Gallagher’s. As you know Adrian was very particular and only his arrangement would do! At Halloween he was stealing hay from his dad and he sent his brother out cutting wood for his arrangements.

“He had a great flair for flower displays. I had the cheek once to try and help put a display together and I was promptly told my expertise was needed elsewhere. He wouldn’t be shy to say thanks but no thanks. He had a great way about him. Adrian’s wit, laugh, sense of humor and directness was known by all he encountered. If the glasses came off and went back on again everyone knew there was about to be drama. His look could make you smile or put you back in your place.”

And their place, Barry says will never be the same again.

“We will always miss him. The phrase, ‘Give Adrian a buzz’ will never be used. It is a void that it impossible to fill. He will be forever with us in our hearts, he will never be far away.”

And it isn’t just family, friends and work colleagues who mourn Adrian’s passing. Customers, too, are distraught.

“So many people have reached out to the staff and management. There has a constant flow of people ringing, texting, calling to his Bunratty family. He was seen as a friend to all the regular customers, they came to just to have a chat with him and enjoyed his banter. They loved his sense of humor, loved his ability to listen and loved sharing the gossip!

“The amount of regulars who came in, not to have a bite to eat, but to say sorry to hear the terrible news was incredible. Some say they didn’t want to come in for a while because they remember him so well. There are still people asking for him and there will be for a long time to come. He was just one of those characters that everybody remembered and have such great memories of. Everybody remembers Adrian,” concluded Barry.

May he rest in peace.