Open verdict in case of Limerick student's sudden death

Denisse Dasco, 20, died suddenly

Denisse Dasco, 20, died suddenly

THE INQUEST into the death of 20-year-old Limerick student Denisse Kyle Dasco returned an open verdict after it was told that the cause of her death remains unknown.

The Coroner’s Court in Cork heard that the circumstance were very complex and unusual, and that a number of medical experts had been consulted before a final report was drawn up.

The third year UCC forensic science student from Raheen died suddenly after she was admitted to Mercy University Hospital on the morning of April 21, 2017.

The inquest heard that Denisse had told medical staff that she had bent down to pick something up at work the night before, resulting in her hurting her back.

According to reports, senior house doctor Eoin Moriarty said that, with no obvious signs of trauma, it seemed likely that it was a mild injury. However, after a number of tests, Denisse’s condition deteriorated rapidly and she was later pronounced dead at 10.40pm.

Dr Adrian Murphy, of the Mercy University Hospital, said that in his 15 years of clinical practice he had never encountered a case like this.

He said that he had reviewed all of the notes and could not think of anything he would have done differently - had he been involved in the case - that would have changed the outcome.

He said it was devastating and tragic beyond words for the family.

Assistant State Pathologist Dr Margot Bolster said that multiple experts were consulted in an effort to find the cause of death. 

Coroner Philip Comyn returned an open verdict given the cause of death remains unascertained. He said this was a particularly tragic death given the very rapid decline and her sudden death.