Limerick musician amps up strum skill with new app Smash Guitar

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

Smash Guitar: Musician Alan Sheahan

Smash Guitar: Musician Alan Sheahan

WANT TO learn how to strum an acoustic guitar? Well, now there is an app for that.

That is thanks to Limerick musician Alan Sheahan and his expert team, who have recently released Smash Guitar on the Apple market.

The new app, which has hit the Irish, UK and US Apple store shelves for iPad download, is the only app on the market that particularly focuses on developing and improving the user’s rhythm when strumming.

The interactive app, which has three levels of difficulty - beginner, intermediate, advanced - improves users’ technique by stroking the iPad screen to specific pattern and maintaining a constant rhythm.  

Alan’s lightbulb moment happened when a retired work colleague asked him for help on how to strum a guitar, and later discovered that there was no app for this task.  Alan, who was pianist and co-songwriter with the critically-acclaimed band Woodstar, developed the the programme with David Sims, Kieran Calvert, Elaine Hennessy – of Little Blue Studio – and Paul Sheahan.

Currently, the app contains one song - Creep by Radiohead - and can be purchased for €1.09. He said that more songs with different strumming styles are to be released soon.

“If it gains popularity with the public, we can build it from there, incorporating more  songs and rhythm styles,” he said. 

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