Pups left in County Limerick in 'appalling' condition

Jess Casey


Jess Casey

One of the  puppies picked up by LAW, who was suffering with severe mange

One of the puppies picked up by LAW, who was suffering with severe mange

LIMERICK Animal Welfare has rescued three lurcher puppies left in an “appalling” state in County Limerick. 

The puppies came into the care of the voluntary organisation after being found last week in Fedamore. 

‘Puppy season’ is well and truly underway at LAW’s Sanctuary in Kilfinane, according to LAW’s Marion Fitzgibbon, who told the Limerick Leader that the centre is almost at full capacity. 

“We have a right scatter of pups at the moment. We’ve puppies coming in every day,” Ms Fitzgibbon said.  

“The lurchers are appalling, they have very bad mange that they probably inherited from their mother,” she added. 

“Luckily there is a new treatment for mange but it will take a couple of weeks and they are highly infectious at the moment.

“You have to be careful because they might spread those mites to other dogs so they are totally isolated now.” 

One problem with mange, says Ms Fitzgibbon is that it lowers the pups’ immune systems “dreadfully”.

As a result, extra care is needed, because the infected dogs will pick up anything that’s around. 

She added that the pups are all suffering with malnutrion and worms and all the things that go with bad feeding. One of the young dogs is completely hairless and will, says Ms Fitzgibbon, take a couple of weeks to feel better. 

“This is the puppy season, coming in to February,” she said. 

“All the bitches who were in season before Christmas are having their puppies now, as well as the puppies that people decide they don’t want.” 

The centre had acquired four puppies by lunchtime last Monday alone, she added. 

“They are mounting up below and we have the adult dogs as well. 

“We had more left in a box outside the sanctuary.”

A good Samaritan picked up a recent vet bill on behalf of the charity, a gesture that LAW very much appreciated, Ms Fitzgibbon added. 

“This would have been to cover a very badly injured dog.” 

She added that the centre’s vet bill went up €30,000 from the previous year due to the number of dogs that LAW is taking in, the escalating vet bills and necessary operations.

“The number of dogs is increasing and the number of dogs coming in in bad condition is increasing,” Ms Fitzgibbon said.  

”Limerick had the worst figures for 2016 for putting dogs to sleep.

“There’s so many dogs circulating, you’ve all these puppies now again.

“At least when we get them, they’re spayed so they won’t be breeding again.

“There are so many unwanted puppies being born all the time.

“All those dogs that we’re neutering, if they were left out breeding I can’t imagine the number of animals that would be circulating.”