Limerick woman's Christmas wish comes true in search for bracelet dedicated to son

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

Miriam Gallagher shows off her memory bracelet  Picture: Michael Cowhey

Miriam Gallagher shows off her memory bracelet Picture: Michael Cowhey

A LIMERICK mother, who lost a memory bracelet dedicated to her late son, has had her wishes come true after the crystal memento miraculously landed back in her hands on Christmas night.

Miriam Gallagher, 51, from Lough Gur, issued an urgent appeal after losing the bracelet dedicated to her late son Andrew on December 10.

Miriam was given the item after 11-year-old son Andrew died after a sporting incident in 2004.

When she lost her bracelet she “started to panic” and contacted all the places she had visited that morning; the Santa gathering at Grange primary school; McDonald’s in Castletroy; Odeon cinema; car parks and the gardai.

With no luck after travelling miles, she launched an urgent appeal on Facebook, which was shared more than 750 times.

She posted on Facebook: “Hopefully, with a Christmas miracle, someone may have found it or come across it.”

“I was really upset. I was thinking, if it’s gone, it’s gone. When you lose a child, things that are materialistic really takes a second place. But this was very close because I had got it soon after Andrew had been killed. It meant everything to me,” she explained. 

On Christmas night, she noticed that the recliner was down in the living room while she was preparing tea. When she flicked the recliner, she saw “something shining”, which she initially mistook for tinsel. It was, in fact, the bracelet. “I put my hand down and picked it up, and I just burst into tears. I cried for about two hours,” she said. 

“I knew it was from Andy. I was always a spiritual person, but since Andrew died, there have been a few times when I really needed him that something has happened. And I had been praying and praying, saying: ‘Please Andrew, if it’s meant to be, just give me the bracelet.’ And then it happened on Christmas night.”

She added that since Andrew died, she “never celebrated Christmas”.

“He loved everything about Christmas. I could never bring myself to do anything ever. I have had a tough year, and I think this was Andrew’s way of saying: ‘There you go, Mom. Everything is gonna be alright.’”