Limerick hospital faces bill of €2,400 for automatic doorway

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

The faulty automatic door at University Hospital Limerick will cost approximately €2,400 to fix

The faulty automatic door at University Hospital Limerick will cost approximately €2,400 to fix

UNIVERSITY Hospital Limerick faces a hefty bill of €2,400 to repair one of its automatic doors, which suffered water damage around a month ago.

Following the repairs, the UL Hospitals Group has plans to install a revolving door at its entrance, with a wheelchair-accessible side door.

Until then, patients, visitors and staff have continue to access the main reception area through an adjacent door.

A spokesperson for UL Hospitals Group said: “The automatic door at the main entrance to UHL has been out of order for approximately four weeks.

“The failure of the operator resulted from a water ingress issue which has since been resolved. A replacement operator has been ordered and is due to arrive within two weeks. The cost of repairs is approximately €2,400.”

He added: “The automatic entrance door is periodically disabled, particularly during times of inclement weather, in the interests of the comfort of patients, visitors and staff in the main reception/coffee dock area.”

The spokesperson said that its plans for a revolving door are “subject to a planning application and capital funding that has been applied for under the 2018 estimates process”.

Reacting to UHL’s faulty automatic door, Sinn Fein councillor Malachy McCreesh told the Chronicle:

“Based on the reasons outlined by hospital management as regards the inadequate effectiveness of the current doors, the installation of the revolving door would appear to be the best option. The cost to repair the existing "operator" appears excessive so obtaining the planning permission and appropriate funding in the short term would be the better solution.”

Cllr Malachy McCreesh is a member of the West Regional Health Forum.