Christmas coal appeal launched for Limerick families most in need of help

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Cllr Sean Lynch – in full Santa mode – has launched the mayor’s annual coal appeal

Cllr Sean Lynch – in full Santa mode – has launched the mayor’s annual coal appeal

LIMERICK metropolitan mayor Cllr Sean Lynch has launched the traditional coal appeal to help some of the neediest families this festive season.

Cllr Lynch has joined many of his predecessors in organising a Christmas appeal, whereby local businesses contribute to help city families who are less well off keep their homes warm over the season.

Hundreds of people have already applied to the scheme, known as the Mayor’s coal appeal.

This Wednesday, the Fianna Fail councillor took on the role of Santa Claus, as he proclaimed: “I’m checking the list, I’m checking it twice, I’m going to find out whose naughty or nice.”

Cllr Lynch said he would be sorting through the applications for assistance himself personally, adding he has linked in with local parish priests who can also offer the names of “genuinely needy people”.

This, he said, is because “there are many people who are perhaps too ashamed to ask for help”.

“I’ve seen it myself personally, families have bought the best of toys for their kids and their fridges are empty, their homes are freezing.

“I always tried to look after them personally if they need clothes or firewood or stuff like this.

“They genuinely would not have a thing. Their money would be spent before it reaches the house,” Cllr Lynch added.

As well as the immediate city area, the metropolitan mayor says he aims to cover Limerick’s wider environs as part of his coal appeal.

“We are be going to all parts of the metropolitan district. So we’ll be including Ballybrown and Patrickswell, parts of Castleconnell, Southill and far beyond,” he said.

“There are genuine people out there who need assistance. Charity starts at home. We need to look after our own.”

To apply for support under the mayor’s Christmas appeal, telephone 061-407347.