Irish Water carries out repairs due to 'unbearable' odour issue in Limerick town

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Irish Water carries out repairs due to 'unbearable' odour issue in Limerick town

Cllr Mike Donegan with Nan Maguire, Margaret Conway Cregan, Libby and Millie Maguire, Chloe, Ciara and James Maguire and Robbie Maguire - Picture: Michael Co

IRISH Water has confirmed it has carried out investigation work into the source of a reported odour issue in Kilmallock.

The Leader reported on the problem in June as it had “cleared a pub and forced residents out on the street”. Concerns were raised by Cllr Mike Donegan at a Cappamore-Kilmallock municipal district.

“It affects around 20 houses and a number of businesses on Wolfe Tone Street. The foul smell came in the door of a pub one night and it was unbearable. It is a huge inconvenience and is a public health issue,” said the local councillor.

Libby Maguire, who lives on Wolfe Tone Street, said the smell is “100% sewerage”.

“It is scandalous. I have a manhole cover directly outside my door so it’s coming up there. That's how it comes in the door but it’s also coming in through the sink and the washing machine. It’s absolutely chronic, and I mean chronic,” said Libby.

Irish Water said at the time that work was due to get underway in the coming weeks and it has now been completed.

“This work included repairs to a number of manholes and the unblocking of drains and sewer pipes in the area. While it is hoped that this will help alleviate any odours, we will continue to monitor the situation closely and take any additional actions required to resolve the issue.

“We apologise to businesses and residents in Kilmallock for any inconvenience as a result of this issue and thank them for their patience as we work to address it,” said the spokesperson.

In the last two months Libby said the smell is not as bad but she is putting it down to the weather.

“It hasn’t really been than wet – heavy rain washes it down faster so I don’t know if it is the work or it has been the mainly dry weather,” said Libby, who is one of the members of the Wolfe Tone Street residents association.

She and fellow locals will continue to log the times and dates of the odour and inform Irish Water if and when it emerges.