Flasher targets popular Limerick walkway

David Hurley


David Hurley




A number of incidents have been reported to gardai

THE University of Limerick has confirmed it is aware of reports that a number of young women on the campus have been confronted by a man engaging in lewd behaviour.

There have been a small number of incidents by the river bank in recent weeks – all of which UL says have been reported to gardai.

It is understood the incidents have all happened in an area of the campus which is open to the public and which is popular with runners and walkers.

“Any complaints which have been received by our security personnel have been referred to gardai as it is a criminal matter,” said a spokesperson for UL.

Details of the unsavoury incidents came to light at the weekend after comedy duo the Rubber Bandits took to social media to express their concerns about the lewd behaviour.

“Apparently there's a lad on a bike with fair hair in late 20s w****** at female joggers on the river path behind UL. Be alert and safe,” they posted on their Twitter account.

A number of people responded to the post claiming they had encountered the man with some saying they had changed their running routes as a result.

“This is really common in that area, that guy is more than likely there every week at it,” wrote one person while another said: “If this is happening constantly surely the gardai can catch him at it???”

Several people suggested the same man has also been seen engaging in lewd behaviour at a number of other locations in the city.

One woman told the Limerick Leader she believes she encountered the same man a number of weeks ago while jogging at O’Callaghan Strand near the underpass at Shannon Bridge.

“It was the middle of the day and he was shouting and screaming at me,” she explained. “He was playing with his thing asking me did I want some of it.”

According to the woman, who is aged in her early 30s, the man had his pants and boxer shorts around his ankles when she encountered him.

“I would say he was aged in his late 20s or early 30s.I was disgusted that this could happen at that time of day,” she said, adding that she immediatly informed gardai about the incident.

The woman said while the man was aggressive in his demeanour he did not approach her and that she did not feel threatened by him.