WATCH: Limerick man is Top of the Town after hilarious TV interviews

Askeaton publican Josh Sheahan says reaction has been 'crazy'

Maria Flannery


Maria Flannery


WATCH: Limerick man is Top of the Town after hilarious TV interviews

Josh Sheahan speaking to At The Races in an interview that has gone viral

A LIMERICK publican and racehorse owner has gone viral after an energetic TV interview at Limerick Racecourse this Sunday.

Josh Sheahan, Askeaton, has said that the reaction to two interviews he gave to At The Races, which have since gone viral, has been “crazy”.

During the TV interviews before and after the race, Josh said he was hoping for a win with his horse Top of the Town, saying that the celebrations at the pub of the same name would be lively that evening.

“There’s about 300,000 views on one of the videos, there’s another 100,000 on another video. It’s gone crazy. There were 45 people in the pub this morning at half 11, it’s gone fierce viral at the moment,” the 25-year-old told the Limerick Leader.

“Two Americans came from Texas! They left Killarney to come to Askeaton - would you believe that now?!

“The place was packed last night, it’s gone fairly hectic alright,” he said.

The television plea for punters to come and “spend a few pound” must have worked.

“And thank God, because I lost a rake at it!” said Josh.

Nine-year-old Top of the Town has been a “super” horse despite yesterday’s result, he said.

“We’ll live to fight another day. He’s 9 years old, I got him four years ago. He’s paid himself back, and we’ve had brilliant craic and nights out. Charles Byrnes is a super super trainer,” said the publican, who started running Top of the Town at the age of 19.

“The next day out is probably Galway. It’s hard to know after yesterday how good he’ll do, but we can see sure. The Sunday in Galway, hopefully. Win lose or draw there’ll be a full bus,” he said.

During the TV interview before the race, Josh said that a win would result in some legendary celebrations.

“If this horse wins, let me tell you. We will wreck the shop! We will wreck Limerick Racecourse if he wins,” said Josh during the interview with At The Races.

Having won last time out in Tipperary, Josh said in the viral interview that the celebrations lasted for a full six and a half weeks.

“And this man here, his wife left him over it, there was holy war over it! And do you know what he said to me? ‘Twas well worth the celebration’, he said,” bellowed the owner.

When asked if he was hopeful of the horse winning, Josh threw his hands in the air and said: “This horse is a certainty! Back him, get on now!”

Top of the Town was running for a first prize of over €11,000 in the Michael English Country Music Steeplechase, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be on the day.

“Will ye come to Top of the Town and spend a few pound? I'm after losing a rake of money here today,” he said in another interview after the chase.