Two Limerick towns voted in top 20 'most charming' in Ireland article highlights 'beautiful thatched cottages and historic buildings'

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

New thatch nears completion on burnt Adare cottage

Adare has been voted in top 20 “most charming” towns in Ireland

ADARE and Bruff have been voted in the the top “most charming” towns in the country. asked 300 writers, photographers and selected travel professionals with a love for all things Irish, to name the three towns in Ireland that they consider to be the most charming. When all the votes were counted County Limerick had two in the top 20.

“Travel in the Emerald Isle can be measured by the succession of personal interactions. It’s impossible to visit and not be won over completely by the genuine warmth of an Irish welcome. Unsurprisingly, the charm of towns in Ireland is evident not just in the people but everywhere from the streets to the pubs,” reads the article.

It says Adare is “more than worthy of this list”.

“The beautiful thatched cottages and historic buildings are part of what makes this one of Ireland’s prettiest towns.”

While Bruff’s connection to John Fitzgerald Kennedy. a descendant of the Fitzgeralds from the parish, colourful streetscape and proximity to Lough Gur is emphasised.

Towns of all sizes were considered for this survey, only excluding Ireland’s main five cities - Dublin, Galway, Cork, Waterford and Limerick. Similarly, they did not include any villages.