Limerick man had hex key during night out

David Hurley


David Hurley

Limerick man had hex key during night out

A YOUNG man was convicted of criminal charges relating to the discovery of a hex key on his person during a night out in Limerick city centre.

Clive O’Meara, aged 20, who has an address at Singland, Garryowen was prosecuted in relation to an incident at Michael Street on August 24, 2016.

During a contested hearing, Garda Cathal O’Sullivan said he initially approached the defendant after he observed him drinking from a wine bottle.

He said Mr O’Meara was evasive and ignored him at which point he decided to search him under drugs legislation.

After he discovered the hex key, the defendant laughed telling him he had it to “hang pictures”.

After the seized item was handed into court, solicitor Tom Kiely asked that the charge be dimissed submitting it was not sharply pointed and did not have a blade.

After Judge Aeneas McCarthy refused the application, the defendant took to the witness box.

He told the court he had gone for “a few drinks” after work and had forgotten to leave the hex key at work.

”I was working that day, the object I had was for legitimate reasons” he said adding he was intoxicated when approached by Garda O’Sullivan.

After being informed the defendant, who works full time, has no previous convictions, Judge McCarthy adjourned the matter to September to facilitate the preparation of a probation report.