Anger at 'public dump' on ghost estate in Limerick town

Elderly woman unable to walk near her home due to level of waste on footpath

Maria Flannery


Maria Flannery

Anger at 'public dump' on ghost estate in Limerick town

One of the photographs which shows the waste dumped at Ballywilliam North in Rathkeale – including more than 30 mattresses – which is distressing people in nearby houses

A SPATE of illegal dumping on the outskirts of Rathkeale is the cause of much distress and confusion to local residents.

The mess is so bad at Ballywilliam North, in fact, that one elderly woman is now unable to go for a walk near her home, the Limerick Leader has learned.

“It has become a Mecca for illegal dumpers – the County Council appears to be powerless to do anything,” said one member of the O’Dwyer family.

“It affects everyone. My mother likes to go for a walk, up and down the road. The footpath is so dirty that she can’t even walk there anymore,” Mr O’Dwyer said of the woman, who is in her eighties.

“She has started driving down to the other end of the town, getting out of the car and going for a walk,” he added.

The family member said that he brought it to the attention of the council a number of years ago, and it was cleaned up at the time.

“But it keeps happening,” he added.

Photographs of the area reveal more than 30 mattresses have been dumped in and near the ghost estate at Ballywilliam North.

In excess of 30 houses, most of which are unfinished or vacant, are on the estate, but the O’Dwyer family say that the dumping floods onto the public road.

“She can’t even enjoy a walk up the road on the footpath and walk home again because of the dirt.

“The whole area is being used as a public dump at this stage. It’s terrible to see the town destroyed like that,” said the man.

The Limerick Leader has contacted Limerick City and County Council about its plans to take action relating to the dumping ground.