University of Limerick to probe tax evasion in new €5 million EU project

Anne Sheridan


Anne Sheridan

University of Limerick to probe tax evasion in new €5 million EU project

Dr Sheila Killian, assistant dean research, University of Limerick

RESEARCHERS at the University of Limerick are undertaking an investigation into tax and evasion in the European Union, in line with their European counterparts.

The Combating Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators project is one of the world’s largest research projects on tax and inequality, and aims to discover how much tax revenue is being lost through avoidance and evasion.

The €5 million project will involve researchers in Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

The team at the Kemmy Business School are focusing on the role of expert professional networks, tax advisors, wealth managers and the factors which can lead them to take ethical or aggressive approaches to their tax work.

This builds on a considerable body of already published work by UL team members Professor Sheila Killian and Dr Philip O’Regan.

“Tax avoidance is a huge problem for the European Union, and creates inequality on many levels,” said Professor Killian, of the UL Kemmy Business School.  

“Most obviously, when governments lose out on the revenue they should get from avoiders, they are less able to address issues like homelessness, educational advantage, and other basic elements of equality.”

The COFFERS project is a EU Horizon 2020 Project involving ten bodies.

Prof Killian said the funding will give them “an unprecedented opportunity to address this in a really holistic way.”