Jobs boost for Limerick as Mr Binman waste plant gets green light

New facility given permission for Dock Road - will result in 130 jobs

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Jobs boost for Limerick as Mr Binman waste plant gets green light

LIMERICK is in line for a jobs boost after the way was cleared for Mr Binman to develop a new waste facility on the Dock Road.

The firm is planning to create 30 permanent roles and 100 temporary construction jobs as part of its multi-million euro project which will transform a portion of land on the city’s edge.

Limerick City and County Council gave the proposal the green light earlier this year, but this was appealed to An Bord Pleanala.

However, the sole appelant has withdrawn his complaint, leaving Mr Binman – which trades under the name Valcroft – clear to proceed.

Around 90,000 tonnes of waste are set to be handled yearly at the four-acre site, near the M7 entrance.

“We’re delighted with the outcome of the planning process, as we want to strengthen our business and create a positive impact on the local Limerick economy.

"The development which has been granted permission will allow Mr Binman base all its operations off one site, and will incorporate offices, maintenance garages and modern recycling facilities,” said Joe Cleary, the sales and marketing director of Mr Binman.

According to the firm’s plans, the development will take place in two stages: phase one will see a 1,180 square metre administration building, a civic amenity area and associated office, with the second part bringing a modular waste transfer building with a floor area of 5,102 square metres.

Initially 40 groups and individuals lodged objections to the project, including the Brothers of Charity and residents associations in Grange, Inis Lua and Sli na Manach.

Their concerns centred around rodent control and odour problems, which may emanate from the plant, at a key entry to the city.

However, only one individual formally referred the matter to An Bord Pleanala.

Mr Cleary played down any fears over the environment, adding: “It is to be located on appropriately zoned industrial land and significant work was undertaken to assess potential environmental impacts of the development and the business and its advisors are happy there are no adverse impacts.”