Jail for Limerick youth whose fingerprints were found inside stolen car

David Hurley


David Hurley



Jail for Limerick youth whose fingerprints were found inside stolen car

Clyde Keogh was sentenced to four months' imprisonment

A YOUNG man whose fingerprints were found inside a stolen car which was abandoned in the city has been sentenced to four months’ imprisonment.

Clyde Keogh, aged 21, who has an address at Ballyclough Avenue, Ballinacurra Weston denied allowing himself to be carried in the car which was stolen in Shannon on July 28, 2015.

During a contested hearing, Garda Michelle O’Carroll said the stolen vehicle was forensically examined after it was located at Rosbrien at around 9.10pm.

She said Mr Keogh’s fingerprints were found on the underside of the radio which she believed was “reasonable grounds to suggest Clyde Keogh was a suspect”.

The defendant, who was arrested for separate offences early last year, was taken out of Limerick Prison and interviewed on March 25, 2016.

Judge Marie Keane was told “nothing of evidential value” emerged during the interviews.

Being cross-examined by solicitor Darach McCarthy, Garda O’Carroll agreed that Mr Keogh was suspected of stealing the car and that she did not put it to him (in interview) that he was a passenger in the stolen car.

The witness accepted it was possible that the defendant had come upon the stolen car after it had been abandoned.

“I can’t say where or when he was in the vehicle,” she said.

Seeking to have the case dismissed, Mr McCarthy submitted that the State had not proven the charge before the court.

“It may be unsavoury to say but there is no evidence to say he was carried in the vehicle,” he said.

Judge Keane rejected the application stating she was satisfied the State had proven its case. 

The judge said she was noting that Mr Keogh, who has more than 50 previous convictions, had not offered any explanation as to how his fingerprints came to be inside the vehicle.

She imposed a four month prison sentence, which she ordered be served consecutively to the prison sentence which the defendant is currently serving.

An appeal against the conviction and sentence has been lodged.