Diehard U2 fans queue overnight in Limerick for Croke Park gig

A handful of fans get tickets for sold out July date

Peter Corbett


Peter Corbett

Diehard U2 fans queue over night in Limerick for Croke Park gig

Sinead Stone, Aidan Feeney and John O'Sullivan at Gleeson's Pictures: Adrian Butler

A GROUP of loyal U2 fans queued overnight in Limerick in a bid to secure tickets to the group's July show at Croke Park - a celebration of classic album The Joshua Tree.

The queue formed outside Gleeson’s Sports Scene on Upper William street from as early as 5pm on Sunday and as a result, there was an aura of drowsiness and excitement in the air come the appointed hour this Monday.

Tickets for the July 22 show went on sale from 9am and were sold out soon after in under an hour - an official statement arriving shortly before 11.30am to confirm the news.

Sinead Stone from Dooradoyle, who was successful in buying tickets, said: “I’ve been here since 5pm yesterday (Sunday) queuing, the queue didn’t really start forming until about 5am last night”.

Alan Browne from Kildimo, who received his ticket right before they sold out said: “I’ve been lining up since 4:30am. I’ve been a fan of U2 since I was small”.

The tour commences on May 12 in Vancouver, Canada and arrives in Dublin July 22. With support on the night coming from Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, it is set to be a gig that fully reflects the grandiose and massive sound of the seminal album.