Facebook comments led to stabbing and shooting in Limerick estate

David Hurley


David Hurley



Facebook comments led to stabbing and shooting in Limerick estate

THREE members of the same family became involved in a violent melee in a suburban housing estate when a row over comments on social media escalated.

Brendan Wallace (55), his wife Patricia Wallace (44) and their son, Brandon Wallace (19) pleaded guilty to charges of assault and affray relating to an incident at Westbury, Corbally on March 17, 2015.

The three, who all have an address at Fernleigh, Westbury also admitted producing weapons on the same date -namely a curtin pole, a golf club and a crutch which belonged to a young boy.

Detective Garda Keith Harmon said the family members had been socialising in a local pub when Brandon Wallace was approached by another man – identified in court as “Mr x”.

Detective Garda Harmon told John O’Sullivan BL, prosecuting, there had been a “bad relationship” between prior to the night relating to “exchanges on Facebook”.

While there was a “handshake” at the pub with a view to resolving matters, violence erupted later in the night when Mr X called to home of the Wallace’s and began shouting and roaring.

A confrontation followed during which Brendan Wallace was slashed across the side of his head by Mr X who, the court heard, appeared of be “out of it”.

Det Garda Harmon said Brendan Wallace struck Mr X with a curtin pole before who grabbed Brandon Wallace by the throat and “put him on the ground” as he fled.

Following the altercation, the three defendants followed Mr X to the home of another man –described as Mr Y.

A fight erupted outside the home of Mr Y during which Patricia Wallace grabbed a large piece of broken glass and "made a go at" Mr X with it.

Brendan Wallace and his son began beating Mr X with a crutch and a curtain pole before Mr Y intervened and pulled Mr X into his hallway.

Judge Tom O’Donnell was told Mr Y discharged a shot from a legally held firearm at the vehicle in which the Wallace’s were travelling as they were leaving.

Lawyer representing each of the defendants said they had cooperated fully with gardai and had entered early pleas.

Detective Garda Harmon accepted submissions that there cooperation had been “close to 100%” and that their version of events was fully cooberated by CTTV from the two houses.

He added that the incidents would not have happened had Mr X “not kicked it all off”.

Judge O’Donnell has indicated he will im

Judge O’Donnell adjourned sentencing to October 20.