New Kid on the Blog

Meet Sarah Hayes, the 20-year-old University of Limerick student who’s fast making waves on the web.

Rebecca Laffan


Rebecca Laffan

New Kid on the Blog

New kid on the Blog: Sarah Hayes

“It’s like a dream”, she gushes.

After gaining an online following of over 1,500 people in just a couple of months with her fashion, travel and beauty blog PinkSars, this is certainly one dream that Sarah doesn’t wish to wake up from. 

The first-year student has already been recognised by multiple companies due to her 

professional yet fun online presence. An ambassador with and a style assistant on, Sarah describes how collaborating with big names is still something she’s getting used to.

“Anytime I get email from such established organisations, I have to pinch myself. To think that people firstly notice PinkSars and secondly want to collaborate is crazy to me”, she says. 

Having recently teamed up with Oxfam Ireland to support their new #vintage range, 

experimentation with fashion is something Sarah doesn’t shy away from, something that sets her apart from the rest. 

“Fashion is something that I've only really fallen in love with in recent years as I’m much more experimental with what I wear and I enjoy trend watching.”

Before fashion blogging, Sarah made her online beauty debut by posting images of various looks she created on websites such as Flickr, with her PinkSars blog coming as the natural next step. 

“For me, makeup and beauty were my first loves. As a kid I used to do mini photoshoots with my friends and I'd always be the makeup artist on set. It's from there I developed a real love and passion for it”, she says.

Her online success with a fast-growing following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter has had a great response from friends and family who are always on hand for support, both offline and online. 

“It's really lovely to have an amazing bunch of people around me that accept what I'm putting out into the world! My dad follows all my tweets and gets excited about my posts and my mom is actually my photographer. I couldn't be more grateful for having them all around me and supporting me.” 

The third element of her youthful and energetic blog is travel, with PinkSars detailing her visits to places such as Croatia, Brussels and Cologne with posts on her future ERASMUS stay in France on the way. 

“I hope to do a lot of travel around Europe while I'm there. I honestly can't wait to blog all about it and see the style and fashion in other countries”, she says. 

Sarah, who has recently completed her Grade 8 on piano with the Royal Irish Academy of Music, has keen interest in DJing and frequents clubs around Limerick showcasing her talent and will continue to do so over the summer in Charlie Chaplins Late Bar.

When the 20-year-old is not DJing, jetting off or making her way up the blogosphere ladder, she’s studying for her Bachelor of Arts Degree in French and Media at the University of Limerick. 

“I really struggle with balancing both, as anyone would. It's hard to motivate yourself to do a photoshoot for a blog post after a week of college but it's just about finding balance between the two,” she says. 

So what’s instore for this Irish blogger-on-the-rise? Whatever it is, you can be sure read all about it at, or on her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at PinkSars. 

“I can't wait to see what's next and I’m going to keep pushing myself to get my blog out there even more!”

*Rebecca Laffan is a journalism student at the University of Limerick