Board of UL Hospitals Group to meet today

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

Board of UL Hospitals Group to meet today

The meeting will take place at University Hospital Limerick

MEMBERS of the public are invited to attend a UL Hospitals Group board meeting at University Hospital Limerick, this week.

The meeting will take place at the dining room/canteen in the Dooradoyle hospital, and staff and volunteers will direct those attending to the meeting location on the ground floor of the Leben Building.

The board meeting will commence, this Thursday at 2.30pm.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, UL Hospitals Group chief operations officer, Noreen Spillane said:

“I am encouraging members of the public to attend and observe this meeting of the board to gain an insight into how their hospitals work and what plans we have to develop services into the future.

“As a group, we have committed to holding at least one board meeting a year in public. The boardrepresents a cross-section of health, education, business and civic society sectors in the Mid-West, who lend their expertise and knowledge for the benefit of the group and the population it serves.

“We are also striving to involve our patients more, through the establishment of a Patients Council and other initiatives such as holding board meetings in public,” she added.

Those who are interested in attending the meeting can contact