University of Limerick club aim to bounce into world record book

Petula Martyn


Petula Martyn

A WORLD record attempt in trampolining is set to spring into action in Limerick this weekend.

A WORLD record attempt in trampolining is set to spring into action in Limerick this weekend.

The University of Limerick trampoline and gymnastics club are hosting the record attempt to complete the most somersaults on a trampoline in 24 hours.

Currently, the Guinness World Record is 20 people, split between two trampolines, doing a minimum of 70,000 somersaults in 24 hours.

As Limerick is the European City of Sport 2011, the UL club decided it was time to set another record attempt for charity.

Gymnasts from universities across the country, including Queens University, are travelling to Limerick to take part in the event. All participants are at an advanced and university level in trampoling, and some have competed at national level.

Organiser and UL trampolining captain, Ciaran McInerney, explained how the world record attempt will be won.

“You have a team of four on any one trampoline at a time, and there are two trampolines so eight people are on at once. They will trampoline for an hour and then have an hour and a half off, and that schedule keeps going for the 24 hours. So hopefully in that hour and a half, you’ll get off the trampoline, go to sleep and get back on again, so it’s going to be quite interesting.”

The record attempt is an endurance test, and the participants have been preparing for months.

“The guys in UCC and us in UL have come together a number of times for training sessions where we will do the schedule for a number of hours, and clock up as many somersaults as we can.”

The main beneficiaries of the fundraising are Mid West Spina Bifida and Milford Hospice.

The record breaking will begin at 5pm this Friday, July 15 and finish at 5pm on Saturday at Delta SoccerDome on the Ballysimon Road.

Mr McInerney says it promises to be a spectacular event and encouraged members of the public to come and support them.