Trashing wedding dresses all the rage

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

IT’S highly unlikely that Kate Middleton will trash her wedding dress now that she is married, but there is a growing trend of Limerick women doing just that.

IT’S highly unlikely that Kate Middleton will trash her wedding dress now that she is married, but there is a growing trend of Limerick women doing just that.

Shane Larkin, of Michael Martin Photography, says they are seeing more and more brides enquiring about the “trash the dress” phenomenon.

“They’re making another day of it when they come back from their honeymoon. Instead of putting the dress away in the attic and it never being seen again they trash the dress.

“I’ve taken pictures in the sea in Kilkee, in the Clare Glens in the water, underneath cars. It depends what the client wants. They can roll around in the mud if the want- there is no limit,” said Shane, who is from Corbally and now lives in Pallasgreen.

“Once we did one photoshoot, people saw it and thought ‘I wouldn’t mind doing that’. You either love it or you hate the idea, there’s no in-between,” he says.

Shane is a third generation photographer and is a nephew and grandson of the two Michael Martins.

“I like doing it as you can get pictures without being worried about the dress. The demand for it is constantly increasing. I’ve done quite a few already, we have a good amount of brides that have booked this year too,” said Shane, who is a former Irish Wedding Photographer Of The Year.

Eilise Mackey, from Castleconnell, a granddaughter of the late great Mick Mackey, and her husband Paul Flannery, Castletroy decided to trash her dress.

“I saw it in New York. It started as a laugh and Shane jumped at the idea so we went with it. It just came out of nowhere.

“We came back after the honeymoon and went to the Clare Glens for a few hours. I nearly sunk on a few occasions and Shane had to cut a few holes in the dress!

“When you think of the stress in the run up to the wedding and on the day it’s kind of letting it all go. On the day of the wedding you can be very tense so it was lovely to get photos where the two of us were just natural. We actually got some nicer photos in trash the dress. We had a great laugh,” said Eilise, who now lives in Monaleen.

The couple used those photos in their thank you cards after the wedding.

“People were trying to figure out when we went in to the water. They couldn’t understand how we got the dress dry and back in to have the meal,” she laughed.

They had their reception in Thomond Park and even posed in two bath tubs in the dressing rooms.

“I haven’t even looked at it since I put it in the washing machine - when are you going to wear it again? If I wanted to make something from it I still can,” she said.

Michele Noonan, from Chicago and her husband James McNamara, from Elton, also headed to the Clare Glens for their trash the dress photoshoot.

Michele even got under the hood of her husband’s prized vintage Volkswagen.

“I saw a photograph similar to it on-line and he said it would be great to try it. I got under the car on the way to the Clare Glens. Loads of people passed by us and it was shocking that none stopped to see if we were OK! We had loads of fun and they will be photos to show our children and grandchildren in the future,” said Michele.