Vote Concy Ryan RTE’s number one

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

LIMERICK city has a new candidate seeking your votes, but he’s not running in this Friday’s general election.

LIMERICK city has a new candidate seeking your votes, but he’s not running in this Friday’s general election.

Posters appeared in the city this week urging citizens to ‘Vote No. 1 Concy Ryan’, adding an element of humour to the tense political landscape in Limerick.

The posters belong to ‘Concy’, a character which is the creation of local actor Francis Ryan, who is seeking votes for the first episode of his online comedy mockumentary series ‘The Outlaw Concy Ryan’, which he hopes will be commissioned by RTÉ for a full series if successful.

The character is a You Tube phenomenon and hugely popular in Limerick, with storylines set in the fictional estate of ‘Moyhill’ - loosely based on Moyross.

The team behind the episode received funding from RTÉ to film what is one of eight different series which have been shortlisted for the final of the Storyland competition, set to run on the RTÉ website from this Wednesday.

The video will be available to be viewed from Wednesday until March 1, and ‘Concy’ is hoping Limerick will give him a number one.

“It would be brilliant to get enough votes to go through. Round two will be announced on March 1, so we will be filming on March 8,” said Francis.

Episode one sees Concy hijack a tabloid TV crew in a determined bid to tell his story and preserve his way of life “in the face of a new government initiative to regenerate the area”.

“We are trying to use the Only Fools and Horses formula - situation-comedy, and at the same time we are advocating clean living,” explained Francis, who produced the episode along with Two Hungry Fish Productions, an up and coming husband and wife led production company based in Headford, Co. Galway.

“The support from the people of Moyross and Southill was overwhelming, with many of the local kids and characters featuring as extras,” explained Francis of the shoot, which took place in Moyross in January.

“We are just having fun, we are not trying to make any political message or make a statement, we are just trying to entertain people,” he said.

“The people in the area are brilliant and there is amazing talent up there, performers, actors, musicians, it is just absolutely fabulous,” he added.

To vote for ‘Concy’ go to