Concy’s back and needs your votes

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

CONCY Ryan is back, and he is down on his luck.

CONCY Ryan is back, and he is down on his luck.

Episode two of the popular online series has gone live in the past few days, and sees the irascible character destitute and deserted by his wife and many children.

The Outlaw Concy Ryan has made round two of the RTE Storyland competition, the eventual outcome of which will see - if ‘Concy’ gets enough votes - the series made into a full RTE tv series.

Episode two was filmed in Moyross and Ballynanty with a full crew and production team Two Hungry Fish Productions and mastermind Francis Ryan who plays Concy, said the second episode has “further developed” from the first.

“I think it is a lot pacier, a lot faster. Moyross is a very cinematic place, when you look through a camera lens and you see the hills and the horses, it is very cinematic,” explained Francis, who is appealing for people to go online and vote for the Outlaw Concy Ryan on

“We are getting a good response and used local landmarks and we made sure to get Thomond Park into the background, which was a bit cheeky, but I think it is good for the area for people to see that it is right on the doorstep.

“We need people to vote, it was tight enough the last time, so we really need people to log-on and vote,” explained the local actor and filmmaker.

“The next shoot will start in Moyross on April 6 if we get through, it all starts again on episode three of four,” he added.

Episode two deals with Concy losing his dole and is “looking at scams to get money, none of which work,” explained Francis.

“He is down on his luck and his wife leaves him, takes the children to her mother’s, so he is deserted, left alone and destitute,” he explained.

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