Concy Ryan crushes Sean Fitzpatrick’s BMW

IT WAS billed the ultimate payback.

IT WAS billed the ultimate payback.

With one flick of a switch, popular character ‘Concy’ Ryan, who claims to hail from Limerick’s troubled housing estate ‘Moyhill’, got to crush Sean Fitzpatrick’s ‘beamer’, apparently reliving some of the nation’s anger toward the beleaguered ex-Anglo chief.

Seized last month from Fitzpatrick’s Greystones home and acquired at auction for the princely sum of €1,234.56, a ‘mystery bidder’ bid €3,150 for the black 3-series BMW in order to win the right to crush it.

Concy, the star of online comedy mockumentary series ‘The Outlaw Concy Ryan’, part of RTE’s Storyland competition, was asked to crush the car on behalf of the bidder, but claimed to the world’s media that he was doing it “because Seanie never paid me for the car”.

“I was asked by Bloomberg if I was crushing the car for the people of Ireland, but I said no, I sold it to him ten years ago and he never paid me,” said Concy this Tuesday.

He added: “He still owes me for two horses, and he wouldn’t give me a loan for a house”.

Camera crews from Bloomberg, BBC and TV3 joined national print and radio media at the event, which saw Concy - real name Francis Ryan - ‘smash and bash’ Fitzpatrick’s BMW into a small rectangle using a large crusher.

Concy said he collected “a euro from everyone in Limerick” to buy the right to destroy the car, and said he took the stereo and a wing mirror as a souvenir.

The Dublin-based National Recycling company bought the car and auctioned it off, and Connor Hand said he hoped the crushing ceremony would symbolise “the end of an era and a new start for Ireland”.

The event was largely a publicity stunt for Ryan’s online television show, which is currently in the running for a commission from RTE through the Storyland competition running on the national broadcaster’s website.

Francis is hoping that he has secured enough votes in the first round of the competition to make another episode of the show. Voting in the first round closed at 2pm this Tuesday.

“We are geared up for round two, we are ready to start filming next week in Moyross,” said Francis. “We are not being over-confident but we are hopeful of getting through this round,” he added. A crew of 20 filmed the first episode in Moyross.

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