Twitter reaction to Limerick’s great day

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Twitter really came alive over the weekend as the Limerick hurlers went centre stage. We pick out some of the best efforts

Twitter really came alive over the weekend as the Limerick hurlers went centre stage. We pick out some of the best efforts

Mark Carmody @Caam1993

Championship weekend #haveagoodfeelingboutthisone #believe #limerick

Limerick sub Mark Carmody was in a positive frame of mind last Saturday

happy butcher


Its time to make a stand..hit em hard make them hurt..take our chance and grab the opportunity .. COME ON LIMERICK #LimerickGAA #LIMERICK

We don’t know who ‘Happy Butcher’ is but this tweet was inspiring stuff

Niamh Mulcahy


in the open stand today....could be dangerous!!! #suncream #LuimneachAbú

The searing sunshine was a concern for the Limerick camogie star before the throw-in

Pa Ranahan @PaRanahan

Hon Limerick! Backs well on top. TV3 cameraman could do with sharpening up though #OffThePace

Words of encouragement from the Limerick footballer as the game progressed

Stephen Walsh


What a day!!! #incrediblesupport #winning #sexyhurling #believe #luimneachabú

The corner back first to the ball all day and also one of the first onto twitter

Graeme Mulcahy


Cuimhnigh at luimneach #daaacentfeeling

The Limerick corner forward tweeted a picture celebrating at the Treaty Stone

Seánie Tobin @Tellytobin

What a feeling!!!!!!

Similiar to the game, the corner forward kept it simple

Declan Hannon


Anybody interested in 2 Mumford and Sons tickets 14th of July have a seperate engagement #MunsterFinal #Beaming

Declan Hannon could have a problem selling those concert tickets to a Limerick person

Jennifer @jensypops

BOOM!!! Fabulous day for #limerick! What a feeling in the Gaelic Grounds today! Whoop whoop! :)))

Hopefully the feeling will continue beyond July 14

Stephen kelly


Serious win today for limerick hurlers...proved a lot of people and doubters wrong....delighted for the players and management

Nice words of congratulations from the Limerick footballer

Brian Leahy


What a Game.... Never ever give up. Well done to the Limerick Players and Managment, Roll On JULY 14 #limerick #munsterFinal

Brian Leahy was thrilled with the win but was also looking forward to the next day out

Des Cahill, RTE @sportsdes

I have a feeling a lot of tv’ in the #Limerick area will be tuned into

RTE 2 at 9.30pm tonight...!

Des Cahill was quick to plug the Sunday Game but it was probably hard to disagree with him

Anthony Ryan


There won’t be a cow milked in Moyross tonight #gaa #limerick

Marty Morrissey’s line from 1992 never grows old

Tadhg Keating @TadhgOgK

I take my hat off to John Allen. We learned from last year and got the tactics spot on! What a day! #limerick

Managers can often get a hard time online but Tadhg Keating was quick to give credit where it was due

michael barry

@michaelbarry11 9

Never missed home as much in all my life #championship #proud #spirit #limerick #munsterfinal

This Doon man is one of all too many forced to leave these shores but he was very proud on Sunday night

Aodan Wrenn


Living in Tipp is not the easiest thing for a #Limerick man who loves hurling! I’ve been waiting 6 long years for this day.. Great feeling!

You can only imagine how much Aodan has enjoyed the last couple of days

Willie Casey


Also well done to the limerick hurlers. Had a great win against tipp on Sunday. It was a great day for limerick sport

Words of congradulations from Limerick’s former European Boxing Champion

Gearoid Hegarty


No problem getting up this morning after yesterdays incredible scenes. #Limerick #munsterfinal

Most people in Limerick shared the feelings of the St Patrick’s hurler

Tommy Martin


Delighted for my Limerick in-laws yesterday. Expecting spare room enquiries for September imminently.

The TV3 Sports Reporter is ready for a Limerick invasion on Dublin should this journey go all the way to September

Eric Ryan @ryaneric239

Still hasn’t sunk in that limerick beat tipp in the hurling yesterday what a win #uplimerick

Many people felt like Eric - proving dreams can come through



If anybody doubted what sport means to the people of #Limerick should look at the fans reaction to beating Tipp #firstround #greatcity

Pat O’Sullivan summed up the occasion perfectly

Mairead Slowey


Delighted for Limerick! Jumping on that band wagon seeing as I am half a limerick woman! #gaa #limerick #shc2013

The bandwagon will get quite busy now but it certainly won’t close for business

Conor Murray


@paddybutler8 hard luck in the old hurlin nut! #nextyear

Patrickswell’s international rugby star didn’t miss the chance to slag his Tipperary born Munster colleague Paddy Butler

Lisa Lawlor @Lisa_Lawlor

The Limerick hurlers got mentioned by management a few times at training this evening! #believe #gaa

Limerick are now becoming the champion for the underdog

Denis Ahern


We never had more kids at juvenile club training than this evening, amazing the boost a big win can give a county #limerick #gaa2013

Great to see the immediate boost that the win affords all in Limerick GAA

Aine O’Reilly @bouncer05

Anyone want to have a church gate collection to fly me home around the 14 July?? Hate been away at times like this

This proud Garryspillane woman finds herself in Australia at present but it’s easy to know where her heart is

Tom Condon @TCondon4

oh well back to work #stillsmiling

Tom Condon went back to work on Tuesday morning but it’s hard to imagine he was ever happier