Limerick GAA team costs up by €95,000

THE cost of training Limerick’s inter-county GAA teams rose by over €95,000 in the past year.

THE cost of training Limerick’s inter-county GAA teams rose by over €95,000 in the past year.

At next Sunday’s Annual Convention in Tournafulla Limerick GAA treasurer Owen Hayes will report that €692,600 was spent on preparing all inter-county teams in 2011.That’s an increase of €95,152 on the previous year.

The increase can be attributed to increased activity with the U-21 hurlers progressing to the All-Ireland semi-final, the intermediate hurlers to the Munster final and the senior footballers advancing to Croke Park for the first time ever in championship action.

Just this time last year, Owen Hayes reported how the expenditure on preparations of the eight inter-county teams had been slashed by almost 50% over the previous two-year period.

Indeed last year’s figure was the lowest since the 2003 figure of €522,846.

Overall, both income and expenditure has increased over the past 12 months.

But comparative to the financial statements of many other County Boards, Limerick appears to be in a healthy position.

The bottom line shows that Limerick end the year with an operating deficit of just €16,383, down from €99,653 12-months ago.

The total expenditure was €1,603,392, with €1,587,009 in income.

The biggest expenditure is on coaching and development with €471,866 spent - an increase of almost €100,000 on the previous year. But this figure is off-set by a big increase of income under the heading coaching which totals €365,412 compared to €172,307 in 2010.

Expenditure increased by over €200,000 to just over €1.6m, with figures indicating that depreciation on land and a synthetic pitch accounted for almost €104,000 of increased expenditure. Coaching wages and other costs are up by €97,518 from €360,289 in 2010 to €457,807 this year.

Net gate receipts dropped by almost €43,000 but that loss was offset by an increase of over €56,000 in commercial income.

Limerick GAA secretary Mike O’Riordan has warned that the county must be prudent with expenditure - especially on county team costs.

“The amount of money spent on county teams will have to be reduced and all budgets for these teams will have to be adhered to unless our supporter groups are willing to facilitate it,” said O’Riordan.

“In 2012 we as a county have to be very prudent in the way we operate our financial affairs. We have to ensure all championships are sponsored in both hurling and football. Advertising potential will have to be realised at both Mick Neville Park and the Gaelic Grounds. The gate revenue will also have to be reviewed and maximised. Expenditure will have to be reduced,” he said this week.

In what appears to be a rather uneventful agenda for Sunday’s Annual Convention, much of the attention could focus on Owen Hayes’ address as treasurer ahead of what will be his final year at the helm.