Minister’s advice to those collecting Leaving Cert results

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Leader Reporters

Minister for education Jan O'Sullivan TD
MORE than 2,500 students across Limerick will receive their Leaving Certificate results today.

MORE than 2,500 students across Limerick will receive their Leaving Certificate results today.

Nationally, some 57,929 students in total will receive their Leaving Cert and Leaving Cert Applied results, with 2,803 in total of those who sat the State examination in Limerick opening envelopes or logging in online to see how they fared this Wednesday.

Results are available in schools from this morning, while those who are not in a position to collect their results in person from their school can access them through the State Examinations Commission’s online results service.

There was a slight increase nationally of 1.6% of those who sat the exams this year in comparison with 2014, while the SEC said results obtained in most subjects were “broadly in line with those of previous years”.

The body said that candidates were “strongly advised to consult the Leaving Certificate Candidate Information Booklet that they have received earlier this year when deciding on their next course of action”.

“Candidates should adhere to the instructions provided in order to ensure that they lodge valid requests for viewing marked scripts and appealing results,” said a spokesperson.

With thousands of students hoping to receive their desired points, they have been urged to take care whilst celebrating.

A representative of the National Parents Council said: “Hopefully the kids will get the results they want but if not, just take a step back and think about what to do going forward.

“Drink in moderation, just be careful and watch your drink at all times,” she said.

Minister for Education and skills Jan O’Sullivan said even if students do not get their first choice, there are other options.

“I think there is going to be a lot of apprehension,” she said. “If they are planning to go to college then they will be hoping to get their first choice, but if they don’t get their first choice, they shouldn’t see it as the end of their opportunities because they will have other choices, presumably.

“There are lots of options out there. And people shouldn’t think, ‘I have to do this particular subject’. Many people find that maybe getting their fifth choice has been very positive.”

Big Boss Events will host a ‘Leaving Cert Results Block Party’ in the city, which is strictly over 18s and ID will be required on the night.

Minister O’Sullivan’s advice to students was to “socialise sensibly, don’t break the law, and look after yourself and your friends”.

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