Gardai investigate theft of car from outside Limerick graveyard

David Hurley


David Hurley


GARDAI are appealing to motorists to make an effort to ensure their keys are in a secure place at all times.

The warning comes following the theft of two cars in Limerick over the past week.

In one incident a man left his car outside a graveyard with left the keys in it.

“Now of course he only intended being gone for a minute but in that time a thief saw his chance and the poor man watched his car being driven off,” said a garda spokesperson.

In another incident, a car was stolen from outside a house after the keys were ‘fished’ from the hall table while he slept.

“The owner of the car left his car keys on the hall table for the night and in the morning he discovered that the keys and his car were gone. There was no sign of a break in so it is believed by gardai that the thief fished the keys out through the letter box,” said a spokesperson.