Mother's anger as Limerick man who murdered four is up for parole review

Ryan O'Rourke


Ryan O'Rourke

Mother's anger as Limerick man who murdered four is up for parole review

Abina Ring speaks out after her daughter’s murderer is up for parole after seven years.

A WOMAN whose daughter and two grandchildren were killed in a shocking quadruple murder case in Limerick has expressed her outrage after learning her daughter’s killer is up for a parole hearing after serving seven years of his sentence. 

Abina Ring, whose daughter Sarah Hines was murdered with her children, five-month-old Amy and three-year-old Reece by her former partner John Geary, 42, of Meadow Court, Newcastle West in November 2010, has received a letter notifying her that his is set to have his first parole board review in the near future.

Mr Geary, who also murdered Ms Hynes’ friend Alicia Brough, was sentenced to four concurrent life sentences by Mr Justice Paul Carney on July 8, 2013, after pleading guilty to all four murders. 

“It was like dragging it out and going over it all again, just as I was starting to get my head together,” Ms Ring, who suffered a heart attack soon after finding out the details of the case, said. 

“I got the letter just before Christmas, I didn’t think he would be entitled to parole for at least 14 years, that’s what I got told,” she said.

“I was pulling my hair out, I couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe that they would even think about it.

Ms Ring said she believes it is important the public know what kind of “monster” Geary is, in case he ever gets his freedom.

Using a screwdriver and a number of knives Geary inflicted 21 wounds on his ex-partner’s face, neck, and chest.

Geary also inflicted nine stab wounds on his baby daughter Amy, using a screwdriver and a further 15 wounds on three-year-old Reece.

A pathologist found Sarah Hines had struggled to defend herself but would have collapsed once she sustained knife wounds to her heart and lungs. The postmortem findings suggested Amy Hines and Reece Hines died rapidly.

The family is now terrified Mr Geary will be released on a technicality and the letter itself has caused the family heartache, she added. 

“It’s going to take a lot more than seven years to feel that Sarah Reece and Amy got any justice.” 

“They’re the ones who are not breathing, who are not getting justice, and he might be in prison, but he’s still living,” she said.

The grieving mother said that her family have never fully come to terms with what has happened, and says receiving this news has reopened old wounds.

“‘Till the day I die, I’m going to fight to make sure a monster like that never gets out of prison and does to another family what he did to mine,” Ms Ring said.