Attempts made to extort money from Limerick teen who shared 'personal' videos via app

David Hurley


David Hurley


Attempts made to extort made from Limerick teen who shared 'personal' videos via app

Gardai are warning people to careful what they share online and via apps

GARDAI are investigating a complaint that attempts were made to extort money from a teenager who shared personal videos with a woman via a smartphone app.

The youth made a complaint to gardai last week after he received messages from the woman who threatened to share the videos with his friends on Facebook.

It is understood the had been in contact with the woman a number of days earlier during which he sent her the videos.

"The young man had the sense to report this to gardai and not to pay over anything," said divisional crime prevention officer, Sergeant Ber Leetch, who is advising young people to be careful when posting or sharing video on social media.

“Once an image or video is sent you no longer have control over that image and it can appear anywhere,” she said.

Gardai at Henry Street station are investigating the incident.