Calls for speed ramps to be installed in Limerick estate

David Hurley


David Hurley

Cllr Cathal Crowe is looking for speed ramps to be installed in the Westbury estate, which has an internal road network totaling more than 10km
CALLS are being made for the immediate installation of speed ramps in one the largest housing estates in Limerick.

CALLS are being made for the immediate installation of speed ramps in one the largest housing estates in Limerick.

At a meeting of the Killaloe Electoral Area councillors, Cllr Cathal Crowe tabled a motion calling on Clare County Council to install speed ramps in the Westbury housing estate in Corbally

Cllr Crowe has criticised the response to his motion from senior executive engineer, Hugh McGrath.

In a written reply in said: “Expenditure on any works in the Westbury Estate will focus on dealing with issues in terms of priority relating to items as outlines regarding rectification and maintenance of essential services”.

Most of the Westbury estate was taken in charge by Clare County Council on January 21, last following years of campaigning.

The estate, which incorporates more than 900 houses has an internal road network which is more than 10km long.

While welcoming Clare County Council’s commitment to rectify and maintain essential services in Westbury, Cllr Crowe says the installation of speed ramps should also be prioritised.

“Whilst I fully understand and appreciate that the Council need to prioritise spending on putting Westbury’s sewage and storm-water systems right I will continue to lobby for funds to be released to install a network of speed ramps on the estate’s main distributor road,” he said.

The taking in charge of Westbury was achieved on a cost neutral basis following months of negotiations between officials from the local authority and insurance company’s over the release of bonds which were lodged by the developers of the sprawling estate.

Cllr Crowe says while some speed calming measures are in place at the entrance to the estate, additional measures are needed.

“A series of chicanes do their part to slow down cars as they enter the estate but it doesn’t take long for motorists to build up speed as they travel down the straight stretch of roadway between Fernleigh, Clonard, Riverdale and Grianan,” he said.

Cllr Crowe added that it only a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously injured.

“At weekends this particular section can resemble the race track at Mondello. All of this speeding takes place in close proximity to open spaces on which children play. A number of years ago a car even crashed through a garden hedge before coming to an abrupt halt at somebody’s front door. The situation is extremely dangerous and if action isn’t taken to slow cars down there will be a serious accident. A solution must be found,” said the Fianna Fail councillor.