Road repair works for Limerick city northside estates

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

LIMERICK City Council is to invest €8,000 upgrading the footpaths in two northside estates.

LIMERICK City Council is to invest €8,000 upgrading the footpaths in two northside estates.

Northside independent councillor Kevin Kiely has confirmed he has received an assurance from the roads department that the footpaths in Bellfield Park and Bellfield Gardens are to be upgraded in the next few weeks.

Since being built more than 30 years ago, the two estates - home to 140 people - have fallen into bad repair, Cllr Kiely claimed.

“For the last 30 years, all the City Council have been doing is patching them up. Further to my representations to the City Council, they have gone out and inspected the place,” he explained.

The former Mayor said he had appealed for these works to be done last year, but was told there was no money.

He said: “They didn’t have any money last year, but they do have a budget this ywear, and they are going to give this project priority. There will be new footpaths going into Bellfield Gardens and Bellfield Park in the next six to eight weeks.”

At the moment, the footpaths in these estates are cracked, giving trouble to elderly people in particular who are at risk of falls.

Two years ago, Cllr Kiely called for Stenson Park in Thomondgate to be taken in charge.

He claimed the roads were uneven, and cracked, and if the council took ownership of the estate from the private developer, thery would be responsible for its upkeep.

However, since this, the roads in Stenson Park have been improved sufficiently, he said.

Last week, Limerick City Council secured capital funding for a study to look into the building of a footpath on the Roxboro Bridge, on the southside of the city.

Some €2m was also committed to advance the northern distributor road.