Corbett family’s ‘Christmas wish to see justice in US’

Anne Sheridan


Anne Sheridan

Metro Mayor of Limerick Cllr Jerry O'Dea, John and Rita Corbett, Jason's parents, Marion Fitzpatrick, the mother of Jason's first wife Mags, David and Tracey Lynch, and his children Jack and Sarah Corbett at City Hall. Picture: Dermot Lynch
THE FAMILY of Jason Corbett, 39, who was killed in the US nearly four months ago, has been presented with a book of condolences by the Metropolitan Mayor of Limerick.

THE FAMILY of Jason Corbett, 39, who was killed in the US nearly four months ago, has been presented with a book of condolences by the Metropolitan Mayor of Limerick.

Over 1,200 people from Limerick and as far afield as Australia signed the first online book of condolences opened by Limerick City and County Council.

Mayor Jerry O’Dea presented the family with copies of the book, which he hopes ‘may ease their pain in the years ahead’, in a private ceremony in City Hall, attended by up to 50 members of the wider family and many of Jason’s friends.

Speaking exclusively to the Limerick Leader, Tracey Lynch, Jason’s sister, said that the “amount of beautiful and heartfelt messages in the book of condolences show how his story has evoked such empathy from the people of Limerick and further afield”.

The father of two was killed in his home in North Carolina on August 2 last. His second wife, Molly Martens, and her father Thomas, a former FBI agent, are ‘persons of interest’ in the case. His first wife Mags passed away tragically in 2006 from an asthma attack.

“The District Attorney is hopeful that something will progress before Christmas,” said Tracey.

“We have confidence in the DA’s office and Davidson County Sheriff’s Department. From the minute we met the DCSD, they were very respectful, kind and empathetic with us. We felt only confidence and it hasn’t changed at all. We believe they’ve done a good job, it’s just waiting to see what decision the District Attorney Garry Frank makes.

“We trust in the US justice system and that the truth will come out. We want justice for Jason. He has lost all opportunity of the life he should have had,” she added.

Tracey and her husband David, who fought an intense custody battle to bring Jason’s children, Jack and Sarah, home from the US after his death – which was his expressed wish in his will – said the children are adjusting to life well in Limerick again.

However, she said they have still lost their mum and dad in tragic circumstances.

“His children have been left orphans and will never have their daddy to guide them through life. Sarah can never have her daddy walk her up the aisle when she marries. We have all lost so much and are trying to come to terms with never seeing Jason again,” she said.

In the first and wide-ranging interview the family has given since they returned from the States, Tracey and David spoke of how their lives have been turned upside-down since Jason’s death.

“I don’t think I can put it into words the impact that something like this can have on your life. But you certainly find a strength that you never thought you would have to help you cope.”

As Christmas approaches, Tracey said “this year is going to be very difficult but we’re going to spend it together as a family, so we’ll do our best. The kids are the most important thing, and we’ll give them as good a Christmas as they should have. Most importantly it will be filled with love”.

The couple also said they are indebted to the people of Limerick and beyond who have supported them in a myriad of ways since Jason was killed.

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