Mystery surrounds lucky Limerick Lotto winner

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

Regan's Centra in Pallasgreen has been buzzing since they were informed they sold a winning Lotto ticket last week. Pictured are staff members Jamie Delaney, Mairead Ryan, Orla Rafferty, Phil Regan, proprietor, and Melissa Khan. Picture: Michael Cowhey
THERE IS a one in 8,145,060 chance of your six numbers coming up in the Lotto but one County Limerick man beat those odds.

THERE IS a one in 8,145,060 chance of your six numbers coming up in the Lotto but one County Limerick man beat those odds.

The gentleman, who wishes to remain private, bought the €8 quick pick in Regan’s Centra in Pallasgreen on the day of the draw last Wednesday, January 29.

His six numbers came up on the Lotto Plus 2 draw and he has pocketed a cool €250,000. So as the ad says - it could be you!

The man went to the National Lottery offices in Dublin on Tuesday and returned to Limerick a quarter of a million euros richer.

The bad weather has been the hot topic on everyone’s lips but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky for the lucky man.

“It wouldn’t matter what the weather is like today – it’s a beautiful day for me,” he told Lotto staff.

“I checked those numbers again and again last Wednesday, then I couldn’t sleep a wink that night.

“But it’s a wonderful feeling to win the Lotto!” he beamed.

He plans to share his winnings with his family.

Proprietors of the Centra shop in Pallasgreen, which will always have a fond place in his heart, are Phil and Catherine Regan.

“It has created a real feel good factor atmosphere in the shop. All the talk is who could it possibly be.

Everyone will be watching out for who is going to buy a new car or a new house!” joked Catherine.

As they also have a forecourt at their location on the main Limerick to Tipperary road the person could be from near or far.

“You would be hoping it would be a local but it could be somebody passing by. People are so excited about the fact that it is good news.

“It is a nice change compared to all the doom and gloom we are constantly listening to,” said Catherine.

Phil and Catherine employ around 30 staff between full-time and part-time but they don’t know which teller sold the winning ticket. If they did he or she could have queues out the door due to their good luck charm!

“We are delighted there is a winner because it happens so infrequently. It is so rare you have a good win.

“We are here 12 years nearly and that is the first time there has been a substantial win.

“People are happy somebody has got that amount and will be able to get themselves out of a spot or enjoy it. It is a great boost.

“Hopefully whoever won it will have the good health to enjoy every euro,” said Catherine.

The shop will also receive a payment as the seller of the ticket but due to the amount won Phil and Catherine won’t be shutting up shop for a couple of months for an around the world trip!

“There is something but I’m not sure yet. It will go back into the business. It is just great to have a win,” smiles Catherine.

And now after their first big win they are hoping to follow it up with their first million euro Lotto selling ticket in the not too distant future.