Caring Limerick parish pays for Indian nurse’s funeral

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

The late Sophia Lorense
A KIND-HEARTED parish has paid for the funeral of a nurse in India who touched many lives in Limerick.

A KIND-HEARTED parish has paid for the funeral of a nurse in India who touched many lives in Limerick.

Sophia Lorense came to Ireland in 2005 and worked in many nursing homes in the locality before joining St Michael’s in Caherconlish in 2013.

Sophia, 59, didn’t just care for the residents, she cared for the whole community. Every day she would attend Mass and visit any sick person in the parish. She would administer Holy Communion, spend time comforting and praying with them. Every day Sophia would administer Holy Communion to all St Michael’s residents.

Sandra Farrell, manager of St Michael’s Nursing Home, said her “generosity knew no bounds”. This was repaid after Sophia was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer and returned home four weeks ago. Collections started in the nursing home, Caherconlish and Caherline churches and the Millennium Centre. The sad news came through on August 14 that Sophia had died.

“The overwhelming grief and sadness in St Michael’s, Caherconlish and Caherline has been palpable. More unique stories of Sophia’s compassion, community activism and love shown by her in the parish have been shared and enjoyed by many.

“One of Sophia’s last wishes to Fr Roy Donovan was for her daily Eucharist duties at St Michael’s to be continued as she knew how much the residents valued this. I am delighted to say that we have had a few members of the community come forward and commit to administering the Eucharist four days of the week so far. Sophia would be so delighted with this news,” said Sandra.

The memory that she wants people to cherish is her last moments with Sophia in a Delhi hospital.

“When we are all feeling angry, lonely and sad about Sophia’s short illness, please smile as Sophia’s last wishes have been fulfilled. Sophia got to go home, home to her own country, home to her amazing family and she was extremely happy. She was fulfilled with her life’s journey. In Sophia’s words, ‘If this is God’s journey for me then it is OK, this is Gods will’.” said Sandra. To date over €5,000 has been collected in the locality.

“This money will pay for Sophia’s further treatment which she received after I left India and will also pay for her funeral.

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and every person for their support, kindness, donations, cards and phone calls of support which we have received in St Michael’s. We will hold a remembrance Mass for Sophia over the next few weeks when our emotions settle and we will celebrate Sophia’s life in the way that she deserves to be remembered,” said Sandra.