Lovesick and desperately seeking a Limerick lady

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

Edmund Meehan is hoping to get in contact with a local girl he met a year ago in Lisdoonvarna
A DONEGAL man has contacted the Leader to help find a Limerick lady he fell for in Lisdoonvarna a year ago.

A DONEGAL man has contacted the Leader to help find a Limerick lady he fell for in Lisdoonvarna a year ago.

Edmund Meehan, a 49-year-old haulage contractor from Raphoe in County Donegal, met the woman in the Matchmaker bar.

He spotted her across a crowded room and went up to talk to her.

“She was in the middle of the bar near the dance floor. I went over to her, asked her to dance and she said yes.

“We had four or five dances, stopped for a drink and then went dancing again.

“We were getting on like a house on fire,” said Edmund.

He learned that her name was Bridget, that she was unemployed and from Limerick.

“I really like her and we just clicked. I thought she was a lovely, amazing girl with character and dignity. It was so natural.

“I invited her to come up to Donegal and she said she would,” said Edmund.

However, his friend got a “little enthusiastic” , said something to her and “his sense of humour can be very misplaced”.

“It was taken out of context and I apologised to her,” said Edmund.

But it was to no avail and Bridget returned home to Limerick that night. He doesn’t know what part she was from.

They were only together for little over half an hour but Edmund can’t get her out of his mind.

The following weekend he even drove the seven hours back down from Donegal to Lisdoonvarna for the weekend to see if by any chance Bridget was there.

“I searched every inch of every bar but no luck,” said Edmund.

He was back in Lisdoonvarna last weekend again but no sign of Bridget.

“She is about 30 years of age. She has black hair, slim, average height, pale complexion and very sincere, caring sensitive eyes,” he said.

His feelings can’t even be blamed on drink as he was stone cold sober that night.

“I thought after a year it might go away but it has got worse,” said the Donegal man.

He took the brave move to see if Bridget feels the same way about him by contacting the Leader as he would love to meet her again.

“It took me a year to make this call.

“I was very nervous about making it in case you would cut me off, hang up the phone and say it was ridiculous.

“I was thinking of going to Lisdoonvarna again next weekend to see if she was there,” said Edmund.

While he says he has danced with a few girls in the last year, he hasn’t exchanged phone numbers and there hasn’t been anyone else since that fateful night in the Matchmaker bar.

He hopes that Bridget will see the article and get in touch with him on the phone number below.

“I would like to meet her again and see where we go from there. I really liked that girl.

“I’ll move heaven and earth.

“I’ll give that girl the time of her life and if she boots me after two months I will be fine with it but she will get fairytale treatment with me,” said Edmund.

As their time together was so short he didn’t even catch her second name but he is hoping beyond hope that she will remember him.

He appeals for Bridget that if she reads this story and would like to see him again to ring 086 9875366.

“The right girl gets the right fellow,” concluded Edmund.