Limerick councillor Orla McLoughlin makes call for more women in politics

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

LIMERICK City South councillor Orla McLoughlin has urged women to get involved in politics.

LIMERICK City South councillor Orla McLoughlin has urged women to get involved in politics.

Cllr McLoughlin, one of only three female members of City Council, says she meets women on a daily basis who she feels can make a change to public life.

She was speaking at the Regional Meeting of the Labour Party Women’s council which took place at the Glentworth Hotel.

Cllr McLoughlin, a teaching support assistant by profession, said: “Most women in politics start out by wanting to improve the lives of the people in our community. Typically they are interested in things like their children’s education, safety of the city or the well-being of their communities. They have strong views and often come up with good ideas for our community. Women think about solutions, but unfortunately do not think about getting into politics where they could put their solutions forward.”

The meeting comes as legislation is discussed, which would oblige political parties to ensure at least 30% of their candidates are women in the next elections.

Sinead Ahern, Labour Women’s chairperson, said: “Women now have opportunities to get involved in politics, we urge women to strongly think about it.”

The regional meeting also discussed various ideas such as ways to save public money by tackling the rents paid by state bodies, developing Limerick Port, and creating a tax band for high earners.

Minister of State Jan O’Sullivan also addressed the meeting by outlining the current work of the Government and encouraging women to get involved in politics.

Of the 45 councillors on Limerick’s two local authorities, there are only seven female representatives. These include Cllr McLoughlin, Cllr Maria Byrne and Cllr Kathleen Leddin.