Lights, camera, action for Limerick built high nellys in Jimmy’s Hall

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

Marty Mannering with actress Simone Kirby at the Jimmy's Hall premiere
THE BIGGEST Irish film of the year - Jimmy’s Hall - could not have happened without a County Limerick company.

THE BIGGEST Irish film of the year - Jimmy’s Hall - could not have happened without a County Limerick company.

High Nelly Bikes in Cappamore worked tirelessly to get the 35 bikes needed for the movie ready in time for start of filming last November.

Marty Mannering, proprietor, said they were delighted but obviously couldn’t say why they were repairing so many high nelly bikes in such a short space of time.

“We also supplied the lights, baskets and servicing for the whole three month shoot in Sligo. For an international TV production company to find all they need in the country they are shooting in is quite rare we were told.

“It’s a great feeling to think that forever more our bikes will be seen across the world whenever anyone watches this movie. It was a great honour to meet so many stars that you only get to see on TV and have them appreciate what you have done. Ken Loach is a gentleman and thanked us for all our work,” said Marty.

Directed by the world renowned Ken Loach, Jimmy’s Hall tells the story of Jimmy Gralton, an Irish socialist who returns from America to Leitrim in the 1930s to care for his mother. Encouraged by local youngsters who are bored and eager for activity, Jimmy decides to re-open a community hall. It once served as a centre for learning by day and dancing by night before it was closed by the Catholic Church shortly after he left for the US.

“The bicycle played such an important role in Ireland from the early 1900s. Jimmy’s Hall shows how important this mode of transport was. Through the valleys for pleasure, running from the gardai, meeting a secret loved one, delivering intelligence during the war, the list of uses for the high nelly is endless,” said Marty, who had the honour of being invited to the Dublin premiere, meeting the stars, walking the red carpet and showing off the bikes.

High Nelly Bikes will have the bikes used in the movie on display across Limerick over the summer and the film is in your local cinema now.