Limerick business flooded for fourth time in three years

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

MUCH OF East Limerick escaped the snow but Murroe didn’t escape flooding.

MUCH OF East Limerick escaped the snow but Murroe didn’t escape flooding.

A number of businesses were flooded and roads blocked after the torrential rainfall on Thursday night.

The tributary to the Mulkear at the back of Abington Business Centre burst its banks.

The picture on the right shows the extent of the flooding in front of Dovetail Fitted Furniture’s workshop.

Seamus Cusack said when he came to work on Friday morning he found about 10 inches of water on his workshop floor.

“The work place was flooded. This is the fourth time I’ve been flooded in three years. The most recent was in September.

“The river running along the back of workshop, when the river fills up the pipe going underneath the road isn’t big enough to take it. They are supposed to be fixing it next week,” said Mr Cusack. While there was damage caused he says it wasn’t extensive and after the water was cleared up they were back manufacturing their custom built kitchen, bedroom and commercial furniture.

Over in Murroe Wood on the Newport Road staff at Denis Holmes Fitted Furniture were also mopping up.

“A lorry drove in to a drain and blocked it where our pipes come out. I had an half an inch of water all over the workshop floor when I came in.

“We weren’t badly affected. We have plenty of sawdust so were able to mop it up fast. It was back to work as normal an hour later.

“In fairness to the council they came out to me and said they are going to sort it out. I was down in Newport and I don’t know how many council vehicles I passed,” said Mr Holmes.

The Boher to Murroe road was totally blocked as was the road at Rath, Murroe after the Mulcair burst its banks.

“Any time you get a flood at the Rath bridge it gets flooded but my brother was there this morning and he said he never saw anything like it,” said Mr Holmes.

Cllr John Egan said there was serious flooding in Murroe.

“The amount of rain that fell from 8pm to 2.30am was unreal. I was up at 6am calving a cow and I couldn’t go through the flood. Land is saturated,” said Cllr Egan, who called on the council to carry out remedial works.

Paul Crowe, director of service travel and transport, said council staff were on stand bye to deal with flooding after a weather warning from Met Eireann on Thursday morning.

“We’ve had problems in various places including in Abington. An area engineer is hoping to carry out relief works there this week,

“There is so much water on the land that part of the problem is water is coming from the land onto the road. Mostly we would be trying to get water off the road onto land.

“Water tables are very high. Part of the problem in Abington is the stream is quite shallow, if you do get very heavy rain it tends to overtop the banks very easily,” said Mr Crowe.

While Murroe was the worst hit he said there were minor landslides in high ground in Doon and between Ballylanders and Mitchelstown.

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