Mystery of €6.1m lady Lotto winner from Limerick

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

Robert and Eleanor Kennedy, owners of  the lucky Lahinch shop where the winning ticket was sold. Picture: Don Moloney/Press 22
MYSTERY still surrounds the identity of the Limerick lady who won €6.1m in the Lotto.

MYSTERY still surrounds the identity of the Limerick lady who won €6.1m in the Lotto.

The bumper win has been the talk of Lahinch, where the ticket was bought, since the mystery woman’s win the weekend before last, but locals remain mystified as to who won.

It is believed that the woman, who collected the cheque for €6,185,375 along with her husband and daughter in Dublin last Wednesday, may own either a house or a mobile home in the seaside village, which is hugely popular with Limerick people.

National Lottery sources have refused to shed any light on the woman’s identity, as she wishes to remain anonymous.

Michael Vaughan, president of the Irish Hotels Federation who owns a hotel in Lahinch, said he had “no idea” who won the staggering prize, which was won from a €4 Quick Pick ticket bought in Kennedy’s Centra in the village.

“People are speculating that it might have been somebody from Limerick who has a house or a mobile home in the village,” he said.

“It is a case now of people noticing habits now and keeping an eye out! We had a similar situation with Dolores McNamara, people were watching out for her Spanish Point, so we will be making phone calls to them to know what to look out for,” he laughed.

The Limerick millionaire said last week that she will have “peace of mind” following the windfall, which she plans to share with family and friends, as well as turning some dreams into a reality.

“I’d love to buy a house by the sea and also a holiday apartment in Spain or Portugal. And I’ve always said that if I ever won the Lotto I’d go to Tiffany’s and buy diamonds, so that’s what I’ll do – I’ll book a family holiday to America and make that dream come true!”

Mr Vaughan said there had been “tremendous excitement” and “intense speculation” as to the lucky winner’s identity, but that it was all “good fun” and welcome positive publicity for Lahinch.

“The speculation was that it might be somebody local and that the town might have some festivities as a result, but it might be even better that it was somebody from Limerick because they might come back and spend a good chunk of it in the village,” he said. “People might be hopeful of that, six million could buy you a lot on the main street in Lahinch at the moment.”