O’Dea says Noonan did ‘a Paul Daniels’ with Budget 2016

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Willie ODea says 'there are enough tricks in this Budget to put Paul Daniels to shame'
“THERE are enough tricks in this Budget to put Paul Daniels to shame”.

“THERE are enough tricks in this Budget to put Paul Daniels to shame”.

That was the verdict of opposition front-bench TD Willie O’Dea to Budget 2016.

The Fianna Fail spokesperson on social justice described Finance Minister Michael Noonan’s fifth Budget as “a con job”, adding: “I cannot see how it comes together as a coherent plan to tackle the economy. It appeals to a special group of special interests.”

He said that the overall reduction in taxes is “only half of what is advertised,” pointing out the increase does not take into account inflation.

“If the Labour party thinks this is going to save their hide, they have another thing coming,” Mr O’Dea added.

Meanwhile, Sinn Fein general election candidate Cllr Maurice Quinlivan thinks the Budget will “maintain and exacerbate the crises in housing and healthcare”.

He said: “Given the degree to which our public services have been decimated during the austerity era, the first hurdle to clear was to provide the necessary funding for housing and health. In terms of fairness and developing a more equal society, Budget 2016 falls at this first hurdle.”

In a statement, Mr Noonan said: “The top priority of this Budget is to keep that recovery going, while providing relief and better services for the Irish people.” Education Minister Jan O’Sullivan of Labour was keen to play up the benefits of capital allowances for certain aviation facilities, and film tax reliefs as being of benefit to the Mid-West region.

In the Budget, Mr Noonan announced a scheme of accelerated capital allowances over seven years for aviation facilities, with a particular focus on hangar buildings.

Ms O’Sullivan is confident this could lead to growth at the airport, saying: “I was in Shannon at a Chamber event last Friday morning, and we were looking out at the hangars. I think there is definitely room for development there. This will obviously bring more jobs.”

Meanwhile, a film tax credit and employment and investment incentive for movie firms will no doubt be used by Ardmore studios which is investing millions in a studio in Plassey.

She added: “I think this will clearly be of benefit to Limerick.”