Gambling John has close shaves with bets upto €20,000

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

Seventy-four not out: John Anderson with his winnings. Picture: Adrian Butler
TO BE A high stakes gambler you need nerves of steel and John Anderson’s were tested twice in the same week.

TO BE A high stakes gambler you need nerves of steel and John Anderson’s were tested twice in the same week.

The well known 74-year-old from Doon collected over €50,000 in the same week from the bookies. He invested €12,000 of the proceeds on Michael van Gerwen to beat Raymond Barneveld at 1/3 in a darts match last Thursday.

“It is a lot of money to put on a throw of a dart,” he admitted. And in the first to 10 legs match Barney was leading seven to four.

“I thought the €12,000 was gone. I walked outside into the fresh air, looked up and said to the man above if he lets Van Gerwen win I will vote No in the referendum. Van Gerwen came roaring back to win so I won €4,000. I went out the next day and voted No,” said John.

His heartbeat had barely returned to normal when John hit for Thomond Park on Saturday. He has €6,500 on Munster at 9/5 and €1,000 at 23-10 to win the Guinness PRO12 Grand Final this weekend.

John is more known for betting on odds on shots but such is his confidence in this Munster team that he lumped on.

“I think more of this Munster team than most people do. I think they have come on leaps and bounds under Anthony Foley,” said John, who was sitting relatively pretty as Munster lead by three points in the dying seconds.

Then centre Josh Matavesi broke through with the final play of the game to seemingly clinch the game for Ospreys. The Doon man didn’t even have time to pray for divine intervention as the try was referred to the TMO and reversed.

“I thought they had lost. It would have been one of the greatest injustices of all time. I saw the knock-on clearly but the play went for a long time after that. Being a Welshman Nigel Owens won’t get too many Christmas cards from Ospreys fans but he is a very fair referee,” said John.

Ospreys aren’t on the top of John’s Christmas card list after he revealed to the Leader a few years ago that he lost €50,000 when they beat Leinster with a last minute touchline conversion in the Celtic League final.

Losing that sort of money on a kick of a ball or an errant hand in a ruck is hard for normal people who like a bet but not John.

“To me it is about confidence in your own ability to be a winner. I see too many losers who can’t take a beating and won’t leave the betting shop until their pockets are empty. I think my greatest strength is bouncing back,” said John.

Munster take on Glasgow in the final and John is confident of collecting.

His only worry is the injury that Conor Murray suffered.

John had a profitable year mainly thanks to Chelsea who he backed heavily to win the Premier League. There was a 20 grand bet at 2/5 followed up with a €12,000 double on Jose Mourinho’s men and Lewis Hamilton to win the Formula 1 Championship.