€60m in car sales via DoneDeal in Limerick last year

Anne Sheridan


Anne Sheridan

Volkswagen: the most popular brand in Limerick last year, according to Done Deal
VOLKSWAGEN was the most popular car brand advertised on DoneDeal in Limerick last year.

VOLKSWAGEN was the most popular car brand advertised on DoneDeal in Limerick last year.

According to new research from DoneDeal, there was over €60 million worth of car sales in Limerick last year.

These stats are in line with the rest of the nation as Volkswagen won out in 22 out of 26 counties, making it the most advertised car on DoneDeal in Ireland.

In Limerick, the second most popular car brand advertised in 2014 was Toyota, followed by Ford in third place.

The DoneDeal research showed that roughly €60.6 million worth of cars were advertised on DoneDeal and sold in Limerick throughout 2014, with 10,337 cars in total advertised through the website and sold.

The average price of a car sold on DoneDeal was €5,867, which is a little thriftier than the nationwide average of €6,560.

Stats also show that Limerick people prefer petrol to diesel when buying second hand cars, with 10,799 petrol cars advertised compared to 7,307 diesel cars. This is at odds with the rest of the country, where diesel comes out on top with 291,297 diesel cars and 236,066 petrol cars advertised overall.

The research also looked into the most popular car colours, and Limerick’s favourite car colour is silver followed by blue and black respectively. Limerick was definitely not the only county that liked its silver cars; every single county showed silver as the most advertised colour on DoneDeal in 2014.

“These statistics give a great insight into our motoring customers. It’s not surprising to see that Limerick agrees with the country as a whole and puts Volkswagen at number one along with 21 other counties.

“Previous research we have undertaken has also indicated that Volkswagen and their famous German engineering is the preferred choice by our customers, however it is important to remember to shop around and find the best deal for you,” said Cathal Cremen, commercial manager with DoneDeal.