Thousands of euro to round up horses in Limerick

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Limerick City Council has spent �38,752 in rounding up horses so far in 2013. Picture: Dermot Lynch
LIMERICK City Council has spent more than €430 each day this year in rounding up horses in the city.

LIMERICK City Council has spent more than €430 each day this year in rounding up horses in the city.

Figures released to members of the council’s environment committee showed that 80 horses had been seized in the city in the first quarter of the year.

In the past, all the fees relating to the seizure and impounding of horses in the city bounds were picked up by the Department of Agriculture.

But now, Limerick City Council must foot half the bill, in a move which left councillors calling for reform.

It is illegal to graze horses in the city without a licence - and these are very rarely given out.

Despite this, many people, particularly in city estates flout this.

Horses were seized from St Mary;s Park, Moyross, Southill Galvone, and Longpavement among other places.

Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon, Fianna Fail, said: “We need a concerted effort to resolve the issue once and for all. My own view is if people have proper facilities, there should be no problems whatsoever. People are having to suffer with others having stray horses in their back gardens where they should not be.”

Mayor Gerry McLoughlin said the culture of those keeping horses must be respected.

Northside Independent councillor Kathleen Leddin rejected this, saying: “The keeping of horses in estates is a relatively new thing. People used to have fields for their horses in Athea, for example.”

Sinn Fein councillor Maurice Quinlivan, chairing the meeting said a full discussion must be held on the issue of horses being kept in the city.

He said a number of other issues need to be addressed, such as the low price of horses on the market. Cllr Quinlivan said some horse cost just €40.