Limerick retailers ‘should not face disc bill’

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Former Mayor Michael Sheahan wants parking discs to be made more widely available
RETAILERS should not face a bill of up to €1,000 a time to stock parking discs, a councillor has said.

RETAILERS should not face a bill of up to €1,000 a time to stock parking discs, a councillor has said.

Speaking at this week’s Travel and Transportation committee, former mayor Michael Sheahan said some city retailers have stopped selling parking discs.

This is because they have to pay ahead to keep them, with a book costing €1,000.

Cllr Sheahan wants a plan put in place to make parking discs more widely available.

“A lot of people do not use Park Magic. I am told the cost of stocking books of parking discs can reach €1,000 a time. Perhaps there is some creative way that all retailers can have discs,” he said.

He added: “We have to come up with some creative way whereby all the shops in the city centre can have a access to the discs at a cheap rate, so anybody who is visiting our city will know where to buy them. What is the point in encouraging people in the city if a lot of people cannot get access to a disc. It is a major issue.”

Transportation director of service Vincent Murray said: “There is no perfect way to charge for parking”.

But he pointed out paying for your parking by telephone was used 40% of the time - and a new app is to launch on the smartphone soon.

“Discs are a legacy issue and it does need to be looked at,” he added.

Meanwhile, Michael Tiernan, of Tiernan Properties, who sits as a sectoral interest on the same committee said he is disappointed no progress has been made on connecting the M20 motorway to Limerick city centre.

“There does not seem to be a willingness to take it in hand and solve the problem” he told the meeting.

Mr Murray said at present there is no funding in place to progress anything.

But he did not rule out this changing in future.

Mr Tiernan suggested a scoping study be done in the meantime, to look at the various possibilities the motorway can be connected to the centre.