Minister impressed as the seeds of success are sown in Adare

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

Derrick, Matthew, Samuel, Robert and Gordon Shine with the Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney during his visit to Samco in Adare
MINISTER for Agriculture, Simon Coveney took a spin to Adare to see the success story that is Samco.

MINISTER for Agriculture, Simon Coveney took a spin to Adare to see the success story that is Samco.

Samco are taking the world by storm with their ingenious system which has three machines integrated into one.

The Samco machine sows the seed, sprays the ground with a pre-emergence herbicide and covers the embedded seed with a specialised degradable film.

This specially designed film is proven to increase temperature which ensures rapid plant growth throughout the season and also protects the young plant from early frost.

The company are pushing the export markets to the full. Samuel Shine, MD of Samco, said: “With 90 per cent of our sales now being exported to countries such as France, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Chile and Canada, it is true to say the Samco System has provided a solution to produce a high energy, high yielding home grown animal feed in regions around the world where it was previously very difficult and in some cases simply impossible.”

New Zealand is synonymous with agriculture and Minister Coveney was delighted to meet the latest member of the Samco team - David Mitchell, who is their sales rep in New Zealand.

The international theme continued as Samco employs a number of Polish staff and it was the 10th anniversary of Poland joining the EU.

Minister Coveney said he had been closely following Samco’s progress and looks at the company as being a “leading light” in the agri technology sector. He expressed his enthusiasm for what the company was doing and acknowledged the team’s ingenuity and creativity in keeping Samco at the cutting edge of Irish and international technology. He referred to the Samco System as “having no limits” regarding its growth strategy and wished the team every success in the future.

Samco have also diversified into other areas related to the successful growth of maize and taken hard action when it comes to combatting soil compaction which was always a major issue for growing maize in Ireland.

They have also produced a radical new method of grass seed preparation with the introduction of the new Samco Ground Breaker.

Samco are also investigating the possibility of growing spring field beans, soya, fodder and sugar beet under their new degradable 2.2m wide rolls.

Deputy Patrick O’Donovan said to see the New Zealand gentleman taking on the promotion in his country shows the excellent export potential of the West Limerick company.

“What they are doing in Adare is world class innovation and they are world leaders in what they are doing. There is fantastic credit due to the Shine family who have taken on this from their own farm and grown it into a company with an international reputation,” said Deputy O’Donovan.